8. April 2019 ǀ Munich Ismaning

One interface, any system – maiCatch is now available for user interfaces

maiCatch can now also be used 
independently of 
SAP Sales Cloud. Our Senior Sales & Partner Manager for Products, Julian Kreis, explains how it works: 

How does the new maiCatch API structure work? 

Julian Kreis: You can now really easily upgrade your existing business application with our maiCatch OCR API. For example, by using a business card scanner. Send the image that needs to be recognized to our service. The service recognizes the text and the terms, such as the SKU, and then you can use this textual information again in your own application, such as SAP Fiori, SAP S/4 HANA or other applications.

What is the advantage of the open connection method? 

Julian Kreis: There are several such advantages: On the one hand, it is a simple connection method that is based on a well-known API technology. Another advantage: it can be directly and quickly integrated into your application, and the SAP Cloud platform can be used as a secure host for the maiCatch API service.

What do customers have to consider when connecting to your user interface, or how does the connection work? 

Julian Kreis: The connection is established in the background by making an API call to the maiCatch service, which only needs to be embedded once by the developer. This is done in ABAP, Java or another language, for example.

Is personal data stored as a result of using the maiCatch service? 

Julian Kreis: Data is required for selection process, which is based on high security standards. This data is not saved. 

You can connect any IT systems to maiCatch using the maiCatch API. All you need is a user interface. We do the rest with OCR technology.

Autor: Verena Holzgreve ǀ 8. April 2019 ǀ München Ismaning

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