maiLingua enables an easy and fast creation of multilingual campaigns in the SAP Marketing Cloud in best hand-made quality - lightning fast and efficiently optimized. All that with a combination of real and automated translation.

Does content creation for multilingual campaigns and managing translations take up much of your time? Creating professionally translated newsletters and landing pages is essential to ensure the success of your campaigns. The combination of maiLingua and the SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to use your company language in content

creation and maiLingua provides you with accurate translations in the desired languages at the push of a button. And the content is inserted directly into the corresponding templates in the SAP Marketing Cloud. This saves you a lot of time and stress while facilitating access to new markets.

How does maiLingua work?

1. Directly from the SAP Marketing Cloud

maiLingua is directly integrated into the SAP Marketing Cloud. The maiLingua process begins right where you create your campaigns.


Directly in the finished layout

Without laboriously sending back and forth Word documents, the exchange takes place directly in the finished layout. And this is precisely how you receive the translations ready for dispatch.


Only one click per region

Ordering a translated language version is easier than ordering pizza. Simply select your desired languages with a click and start the process.


Meticulously transparent project progress

As transparently as good package tracking, you can directly track the progress of the task and precisely plan the delivery. The same applies to the clear cost transparency.


Generally ready in 24 hours

Optimized scheduling in the background allows lightning-fast editing by professional translators around the world, enabling you to have previously complex translation work completed in less than 24 hours.

"Content is King" - Informative texts in the local language and tailored to your industry are essential for your company's success. With maiLingua, you let professionals from around the world take care of the task.

Our solution

  • simple and integrated user experience through incorporation / targeted integration into the SAP Marketing Cloud
  • professionally translated newsletters and landing pages via a combination of real and automated Translation
  • access to 6,500 native specialist translators and copywriters with academic education in 70 countries
  • workaround: no crowd but regular translation principle
  • simple 3-click planning for the translation of your newsletters, etc., including the consideration of company-specific terminology
  • translator are selected automatically based on your newsletter content / your individual requirements
  • 24/7 express translation, seamlessly integrated into the SAP Marketing Cloud, marketing content design and the translation process
  • Web-based technology for full control and transparency of every project 

The benefits of maiLingua at a glance

Coverage of all
common languages

Easy to implement on a variety of channels

Terminology database for consistent use of company-specific terms and branding

Based on the 
SAP Cloud Platform

Maximum security through document encryption, SSL encryption and servers in Germany 

No long waiting times for translations



399 euros per translated unit


(newsletter, landing page) / language 

*contains up to 500 words for you    

Our partner with the real translators


  • 2000 clients in 20 countries
  • Toptranslation is located in Hamburg, Munich and Sevilla.
  • Certified translation agency according to ISO 17100: 
    best translation quality / maximum security
    (Server location Germany, document encryption, SSL encryption)
  • Specialised in professional translations and the use of translation memories and termbases
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